Only 3 days left for VMF V!

3 years after, Holocausto Canibal returns to Guimarães to headline the first day of Vimaranes Metallvm Fest V on Friday, October 7th.

For the first time, some new songs to be included on the forthcoming full-lenght Gorefilia will be played live!

The Holocausto Canibal show is scheduled to begin around 01H05 but the night begins at 21H! So be there since the beginning and support all the bands!

Venue adress: Trovadores do Cano
R. Dr. João Xavier de Carvalho Guimarães
4810-353 Guimarães – Portugal
GPS: 41º 26′ 56.15”N 8º 17′ 12.82”O

Full info about the festival here: Vimaranes Metallvm Fest

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