Tribute to Gut, finally out!

The songs were collected by Rotten Roll Rex and this tribute was just been released by Diabolos Rec.

Holocausto Canibal covered the mighty song: Cripple Bitch.

Other featured bands are: Mucupurulent, Spasm, Razor Rape, Cliteater, Satan´s Revenge On Mankind, S.C.A.T., Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, Stoma, Nothin´ Suss, Nunwhore Commando 666, Obscure Oath, Vulgaroyal Bloodhil, Sexual Assault, Tremor, Offal, Mixomatosis, Electro Toilet Syndrom, Oros, Pesta Porcina, Duodildo Vibrator, Magistral Flatulences, Brainwash, Excrementos, Anonima Sequestri, Tourette Syndrom, Methadone Abortion Clinic, Hydropsy, Glut!, Shredded Cunt, Anus Tumor, Bitch Infection, 2 Minuta Dreka, Pxuxsx, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Compost, Cuntemonium, Ebanath, Erotic Gore Cunt, Epicrise, Oxidised Razor, Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium.

Purchase your copy at Rotten Roll Rex

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