Butchery at Christmas Fest XII – Final Confirmations

Holocausto Canibal will be headlining Friday [16th December]. Exact schedule to be announced soon.

This will be the third time Holocausto Canibal plays BACT [2002 / 2005], but this will be the first performance since the fest re-located to Covilhã [and will also be our first time ever in Covilhã].

The XII edition of Butchery at Christmas Time Fest will happen on 16-17th December 2011 in Covilhã at Pavilhão Oriental de S. Martinho – Portugal.

Friday 16/12/2011 – FREE ENTRANCE!

Raw Decimating Brutality | Portugal |
Gorgásmico Pornoblastoma | Portugal |

Saturday 17/12/2011
Haemorrhage | Spain |
Psychofagist | Italy |
Gruesome Stuff Relish | Spain |
Carnivore Diprosopus | Colombia |
Grog | Portugal |
VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC | Austria |
Mind Holocaust | Spain |
Embryopathia | France |

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