Z. Pedro | Mesa Boogie endorsement

Holocausto Canibal is deeply proud to be one of the first Mesa Boogie official endorsed artists in Portugal!
Z. Pedro exclusively uses and endorses Mesa Boogie amplifiers and cabinetry.
Current models:
Amplifier: Big Block
Cabinetry: Powerhouse

The weapons of choice are the bulldozer known as Big Block powered by a 6×10” Power House cabinet.
The use has proven that this stuff is built to grind and blow your ears.
Z.Pedro says: “Imagine the most thunderous power combined with sheer definition, bright and volume, blowing though a room like a giant roar that blows away anything and anyone in its path! This amp is so loud and projected that I can’t imagine ever needing the power to its maximum! Adding to the already stated state of the art
sound is one of the best overdrive effects ever. After trying for years a myriad of pedals and effects, the Big Block once again showed its versatility providing the best distortion for bass ever.”

Since the amp doesn’t sound by itself, the Power House assures that all the monstrosity is taken care in a proper way. Not only it withstands the full 750 watts, its flawless and solid construction provides the support for stability, ease of use and transportation with the security that you can beat it ’till you faint, kick it, spit at it and still asks for more!
Of course that the looks of the whole stack are also staggering, the attention to the details is unbelievable and the sobriety is remarkable!
Z.Pedro says: “Paired up with my Warwick Corvette $$ DB5, the Big Block + Powerhouse not only sound amazing, they also look GOREgeous!”

Photos by: Luís Rodrigues

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