Diogo P. | Missom endorsement

New Holocausto Canibal endorsement: Missom

Missom BLASTOPHILIA Signature Drumsticks by D.P.

Diogo and Missom, a Portuguese brand of drumsticks have developed a model mainly destined to the extreme drummer, the BLASTOPHILIA model. This collaboration between drummer and artisan began last December and during this time by experimenting and focusing on the purpose to help the extreme drummer, the BLASTOPHILIA’s were born. These sticks are made of hickory and they stand out for their excellent performance in speed, rebound and volume.

Inspired in the design of the standard 5A’s and some signature models from Missom itself, the drumstick is longer than usual, has a sharper tip for accurate beating during fast tempo sections, balance is weighted towards the tip for extra power and rebound, and are finished with bee wax. The logo is engraved by laser so it won’t fade with sweat or grinding.

This product will be available through our merchandise in concerts, through mail order and through Missom via their website on http://www.missom.com or through their official distribution. Contact us or them if you need more info on how to purchase a pair of BLASTOPHILIA’s.

Photo by: Luís Rodrigues


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