HC discusses Gorefilia cover

Legendary portuguese death/grind outfit Holocausto Canibal will release it’s forthcoming album GOREFILIA in April 2012 through Xtreem Music [Hour Of PenanceKronos, etc]. In a recently interview  conducted by SoundZone Magazine bassist Z. Pedro talks about Gorefilia artwork.

Once again all artwork was handled by Luís Rodrigues , who already worked with us in “Visceral Massacre Memorabilia” (released through Despise the Sun Records, Italy) and also in various merchandising lines (Gore for Passion Not For Fashion, Bizarre Love, Self Torture and Grind, Grinders Union) among other projects“, Z. Pedro states.

The idea for the new album was to create a scenario where the Virgin Mary is represented as an acrotomophilic deity/idol, representing the sexual devotion to amputated corpses and to the unconditional motherly love (holding an aborted fetus on her arms)”, he continues.

In fact, the key lines of the whole image were based on holy art with the single purpuse of creating that acrotomophilic idolatry, despite Holocausto Canibal’s anti-religion beliefs.”

He also granted that, like other Holocausto Canibal releases, GOREFILIA will have two different covers, one censored (seen below) and one not censored (yet to be unveilled).

According to a press release, “Gorefilia will showcase HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL’s more brutal and intense, songwriting, with songs varying from one to three minutes without fillers, [with] influences from bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, early DERANGED, NAPALM DEATH, SUFFOCATION, CARCASS”. The 18-song effort was recorded at 213 Studios in Portugal and was mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio (BEHEMOTH, VADER, KRONOS, DECAPITATED, ABORTED) in Bialystok, Poland.”

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