Z. Pedro | Warwick endorsement

Holocausto Canibal is deeply proud to be one of the first Warwick official endorsed artists in Portugal!
Z. Pedro exclusively uses and endorses Warwick basses.
Current model: Corvette $$ DB5

The use has proven that this bass is built to grind and blow your ears.

Z.Pedro says: “This and all Warwick basses are beautifully made and produced. This bass is no exception to the rule!
The Double Buck is made exquisitely. One look at it and there is no doubt that the finest craftspersons have put forth their best effort to design a beautiful product that one will delight in owning and cherish for as long as they own it.
The tuners on this bass are solid as a rock. They are custom made by Warwick.
The sonic possibilities that this bass bring are varied and completely unique. While other basses have similar double humbucker designs none of them seem to be as thick or as full as this bass.
The double humbucking MEC Pickups put this instrument in a class of it’s own.
In addition to the massive pickups and beautiful workmanship, this bass also sports it’s own universe of tonal controls and variances.
To add to the sonic flexibility given by the 3 band equalizer, this bass also offers dual coil taps, one for each pickup. These open up a whole other range of sonic possibilities!
Having a Warwick is a culmination of a long-awaited dream. Finally, it’s MINE!

Z.Pedro says: “Paired up with my Mesa Boogie Big Block + Powerhouse, Warwick Corvette $$ DB5, the  not only sound amazing, they also look GOREgeous!”

Photos by: Luís Rodrigues

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