Holocausto Canibal’s Paiste endorsement

It’s with great honour and pride that we reveal another endorsement – the Paiste endorsement.
Diogo P. is one of the few portguese artists endorsed by this brand, a brand established in the worldwide market famous for their innovations regarding cymbals, alloys and many other ones in the cymbal and drums industry. Diogo is using a full set of the new improved and revamped Alpha series, a series that has been around since 1992 and it’s regarded with full respect.
Like any other Paiste cymbals, the Alpha line is known for its unbelievable sound and capability of suiting most of the music genres that are created today.
With the recent revamping, this cymbals came with new weights and sizes for the heavy music drummers, with and unbelievable volume, projection, durability and stunning brilliant looks.

Diogo states: “I’ve used Paiste cymbals since the first day I played drums.
Curiously, I started with the old Alphas and 802’s, upgraded to Signatures, went to use other brands, but was never quite satisfied. I’ve changed my set up dozens of times and all the remaining cymbals kept being Paiste‘s.
I’ve tried almost every brand of cymbals in the market and for sure no other brand can give the power and definition that Paiste does. The stroke feeling, the tone, durability and all the other factors that make Paiste one of the industry leaders just can’t be found in any other brand, period! In studio they proved themselves more than suitable, in the pratice room they don’t sink in the wall of guitars and drums and live, well, if you’ve seen HC live in the past year, you’ll surely recognize that no matter how crappy the drum sound was, the cymbals always sounded loud, projected and balanced. Just don’t get fooled by the price tag or what others say, these cymbals are the thing for modern music and I can only think of replacing them with other Paiste cymbals!”

The set is comprised of :
6’’ Custom Bell
10’’ Metal Splash
14’’ Sound-Edge Hi-hats
16’’ China
17’’ Thin Crash
18’’ Rock Crash
18’’ Thin Swiss Crash
18’’ China
19’’ Metal Crash
22’’ Metal Ride

How they look (killer btw!) on the drumset:


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