Grinding the South!

Coming back from a weekend filled with grind and party, we would like to show our respect for the ones who hosted us so nicely in the two gigs performed beyond the Douro river. We would like to thank the band Terror Empire for the availability in supply everything needed for the great gig that went at D.R.A.C. at Figueira da Foz and the staff from the venue, this is some serious metal venue and we would serious recommend it to anyone.

We would also like to thank to Hugo Fernandes and his team from Metal’s Alliance for the excellent conditions that we had before, during and after the gig performed at Artilharia Pesada Metal Fest that took place in Cacilhas. Many times bands and fans bring up the bad conditions or anything less nice that went with some promoters and venues, but this time, Hugo and his team surely deserve a huge praise and a huge thank you for the excellence, care and attention that we welcomed so well. For sure, this will be in our memories as individuals and as band, since rarely we find someone that gives 110% like Hugo and his team gave. All the attention to the details, the excellent bill that was gathered, the performance of the bands and the great crowd that attended to Revolver are details that deserve to be mentioned and so it is.

Our huge “thank you” to Terror Empire and our praise to Hugo from Metal’s Alliance for the great weekend that we had!
Grind on!

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