Gorefilia Tour 2012 | Moita / Évora chapter

Now that we’re back home it’s time to send a few words of appreciation to our brothers in Switchtense and Karnak Seti for the wonderful time spent in Moita and Évora this weekend.

It’s the fourth time Gorefilia Tour pins South Portugal in a month and these two shows were as great as the others.

As always, Moita was amazing! It was a real pleasure to play the In Live Caffe for the first time and to finally share the stage with Karnak Seti! We would like to thank them and the guys from Ancient Horde and Aernus for the backline support and all the help at the venue. Also, thanks to the awesome crowd that invaded the spot to spread some brutality with us!

As for Évora, our first time in this beautiful city was remarkable: a full house of crazy people [Coluna Maldita], lots of good music and plenty of alcohol for everyone! We really hope to be back soon.

Last but not least, we would like to thank Switchtense for pulling up these two gigs perfectly (everything was as it shoud be!) and we hope the airplane landed safely in Madeira with Karnak Seti (haha!). Hope to see you soon on the road!

Again, Gorefilia Tour 2012 keeps rolling and next time it’s Viseu. We’ll be with Hunted Scriptum and M.I.L.F. at the Estudantino Bar.
Detailed info @ www.gorefilia.com.

B there or B dead!

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