HC Play-Lists | November 2012

Absu – The Sun of Tiphareth
Cripple Bastards – Senza Impronte
Deranged – High on Blood
Doom – Total Doom
Penta – All Shots Double

Eduardo F.
Aeon – Aeons Black
Fuse – Sintoniza
Trigger The Bloodshed – Degenerate
Ichor – Benthic Horizon
Mundo & Each – Mixtape

Diogo P.
V.A. – Best of Bond…James Bond 50 Years
The Secret – Agnus Deu
Diabolical Masquerade – Nightwork
Nomad – Mad Attack
Vizir – Podridão Alastra

António C.
Nasum – Shift
Aeon – Aeons Black
Entombed – Serpent Saints
W.A.S.P.- Inside the Electric Circus
Kvelertak – Kvelertak

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