Holocausto Canibal storms the Middle East

israel-tel-aviv-holocausto-canibalPortuguese masters of gore Holocausto Canibal have recently been confirmed to play in the Sublime Club in Tel Aviv, Israel in March 14th 2013.
It will be the band’s first time in Israel (and in the Middle East) and will be presenting their lastest effort “Gorefilia” (released in April 2012).
Expect massive brutality, gore, and blood-tainted sperm as the band will be delivering a special set with some never-played before tunes, although being focused in Gorefilia.
The show will mark the arrival of the Gorefilia Tour to Israel and will also count with Viscera Trail, Belarus’ own Relics of Humanity and locals Cain and Abel.

Commenting, bassist Z. Pedro states: “We are really looking forward to play in the Middle East, since we have never been there before. It’s a historical place with a different aura from what we’re used too. Also, we know that are lots of extreme music appreciators so I’m sure the show will be one of the best in 2013”.

Guitarist Eduardo F. says: “It’s fantastic to know we are bringing Gorefilia right into the Holy Land. Expect nothing less than a true Holocausto Canibal show and come support extreme music”.


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