Gorefilia Tour 2012 | End of the Year Update


We reached the end of the year, and the end of the first leg of the Gorefilia Tour.

As the world didn’t burn to ashes last friday we think is time to make a break, reflect on all we’ve done for the last 8 months and to tell you what’s being cooked for 2013.

2012 marked the arrival of our new monster, named Gorefilia, and from April to December we haven’t done anything more than destroying portuguese stages.

In fact, from the SWR Barroselas Metalfest XV to the Invicta XMas.ssacre IV we pretty much covered all portuguese continental area and made the first incursion in Spain [Salamanca and Vigo] with Gorefilia in our bags.

For 2013, we already have several gigs booked, as we are expected to materialize our first coming to Israel, our return to Germany [Extremefest 2013 – www.extremefest.eu] and Czech Republic [Obscene Extreme Fest 2013 – www.obsceneextreme.cz], and to unleash hell in some other countries, yet to be announced.

Portuguese fans will also have new opportunities to witness horror, gore and blasphemy live, since we are playing the 8th edition of the Colhões de Ferro[Caldas da Rainha], Viana do Castelo and our first time in Beja [Santa Maria Summer Fest IV, with the almighty DOOM!]. And that’s not all, we’re returning to Lisbon to play the Lisbon Dark Fest with Crematory and another headliner to be announced somewhere in January that will literally blow your heads off!

So, as you can see, we’ve been busy, and we will continue the hard work through all 2013. We’re preparing some new stuff for you, which will be announced at proper time, so you can really be sure we won’t disappear.

This being said, we would like to thank every single person that came to our shows, bought our cds, bought our merchandise, talked with us, drank with us, got drunk with us and supported us these last 8 months. Thanks to all the people in BarroselasPortoGuimarãesAveiroFigueira da FozS. Pedro do SulViseu,LisbonAlmadaMoita,  GrândolaÉvoraLouléVigo and Salamanca.

Also, we would like to thank every band that played/toured with us this year, we expect to share some more stages with you all next year!

Another special thanks goes to all promoters who worked with us in the Gorefilia Tour 2012 for treating us like princes and making sure everything went as perfect as possible and for making us feel at home especially when we were thousands of kilometers away from it.

Thanks also to all TV and radio shows that helped promote Gorefilia!

And last but not least, we would like to thank Dave Rotten (Xtreem Records), André Matos (Raising Legends Records) and Daniel Makosh (Raging Planet Records) for all the support given on the Gorefilia release. It was an honor to work with you guys!

This is the moment we close the first chapter of the Gorefilia Tour to turn the page and start rolling the 2013 leg.

Happy New Year everyone! Keep grinding!

Holocausto Canibal

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