Gorefilia Review In Terrorizer # 230

hcterrorizer230_1000Eight months passed since the release of “Gorefilia” and the reviews keep coming.
This one is from Terrorizer Magazine’s #230.

Check it out:
“Bringing forth a barbaric storm of manic speed, frenetic riffs and gutural vocals of the most demonic nature, Holocausto Canibal clearly aim to tick all boxes with their greatly enjoyable no-frills death metal. 

Suitably varied and smart enough not to outstay its own welcome, ‘Gorefilia’ provides the listener with an unrelenting barrage of sonic poundings for just under 40 minutes, but the record remains a repugnant delight throughout.
The furious speed remains consistent, yet never grows tiresome or becomes monotonous, simply because the group pull of such an already familiar sound with such ease that it frequently evokes nostalgia left by the hordes of death metal legends that came before them.”
– by Jack Pudwell in Terrorizer #230

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