March Mayhem

fotografiaIt looks like we got home safe and sound, although we don’t know exactly how.
These last three days we experienced the best moments on the second leg of the Gorefilia Tour so far.
We did a 3-day killing spree that started on March 15th at Porto and ended in March 17th at Tui, also giving us time to destroy Coruña on the 16th, so we just wanted to share a few words of appreciation to everyone we met and made this possible.

Plano B was a gig from a another dimension. Totally unexpected! 15 minutes of pure sonic obliteration and madness. Loads of violence, spilled beer and sonic blasts!
Thanks to Fua and everyone at Plano B and Lovers And Lollypops for making this happen!

On the next day we returned to Coruña, 2 years after our last show with Entombed, in a night that could hardly be more special… we were wrong. We can’t even describe how much fun we had at the Coliseum, either on stage and off stage!
Thanks to Patricia, Rubi and everyone at 10 Centavos and Fanzine and all the crew for the maximum attention on every possible detail and for treating us like babies!
We can’t wait to return!

fotografia (1)ff

And finally, the Cafe Teatro at Tui last Sunday was no exception. A quick pit stop to deliver some love ballads to that quiet and peaceful city!
We would like to thank Tatiana, Txommy, Strangled with Guts and Terader for making this possible!

Last but not least, we would like to thank to everyone that showed up to these concerts and supported the true underground.
Keep the flame burning!

Next month we hit Lisbon again for the Lisbon Dark Fest I with Therion, Haggard and Crematory!

C u there!

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