Holocausto Canibal Invades Italy Once More


That’s right, the Gorefilia Tour 2013 will also hit Italy this year, since Holocausto Canibal was confirmed to headline the Vulgar Fest VIII, held in Lecce in 21stSeptember 2013.

Confirmed acts so far:
Holocausto Canibal
Sudden Death
Basement Torture Killings
In Case of Carnage

It’s always great to return to Italy after our “Eaten Alive Tour ‘2008” and after being a part of the Tattoo Death Fest ‘2010

Eduardo F. says: “Italy has always been great for Holocausto Canibal, and for that we think this is a mandatory destination on the Gorefilia Tour 2013. Being given the opportunity to grind Italy with Gorefilia in our bags is amazing, so expect tons of gore and brutality this time! We hope to see all our fans and friends there! See ya!”

Info: Vulgar Fest


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