LICENCE TO GRIND – Eastern Tourphilia 2013

Attention eastern grinders!!!
Holocausto Canibal got a LICENCE TO GRIND and you know we’re going straight to your town!From 6th to 13th July Holocausto Canibal will tour Czech Republic and Slovakia promoting their new opus “Gorefilia” (released in April 2012 through Xtreem Music – worldwide – and Raising Legends / Raging Planet Records – Portugal), starting in the Obscene Extreme Festival and finishing in Slavonice (CZ).

We’ll present gigs full of gore, death and grind that will certaintly 
shake the foundations of what you know to be an extreme show.

Glamorous hymns of the most refined death/grind music will leave a path of sonic destruction around these countries to be read about in the annals of extreme music, so be sure you make your way to any (or all!) the dates mentioned below:

LICENCE TO GRIND – Eastern Tourphilia 2013
06 July – Obscene Extreme Fest 15 – Battlefield, Trutnov (CZ)
07 July – Obscene Extreme Aftershow – Battlefield, Trutnov (CZ)
08 July – Wood Pub – Banovce nad Bebravou (SK)
09 July – Grind Summer Fest – Randal Club – Bratislava (SK) *
10 July – Brooklyn Club – Brno (CZ)
11 July – Modrá Vopice – Prague (CZ)
12 July – Grind Event Vol. 5 – MC Fabrika, Budweis (CZ)
13 July – Kawarna Club – Slavonice (CZ)

* supporting Exhumed (USA)

Individual Tour Posters:

Licence to Grind 06-07Licence to Grind 07-07Licence to Grind 08-07
Licence to Grind 09-07Licence to Grind 10-07Licence to Grind 11-07
Licence to Grind 12-07Licence to Grind 13-07

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