Last thursday we played the first day of the one and only Milhões de Festa festival, in Barcelos.
Finally, after a long 15 years wait, Holocausto Canibal was able to return Barcelos and bring gore and horror to that peaceful city in the north of Portugal and the show couldn’t have been better!
It was truly remarkable to play a festival with such a diverse orientation (it’s not everyday that we play after a rockabilly band and are immediately followed by some kind of african/kuduro/kizomba duo) for over 600 people in a show where even the monitors barely survived (literally) thanks to the crazy people that came to the show and took the stage (and ourselves) by assault!
Our gratitude goes out to Fua, Bruno, Ricardo Veiga, Tiago Veiga and all the Lovers & Lollypops / SWR Inc. crew for making this happen and to all the insane people that came over to make this show one of the best shows in the Gorefilia tour so far.
We really hope to come back!
Cheers to you all!

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