Back from ITALY!!!

3 days, 2 cities, 2 shows, 3 flights, 1100 kilometers, 12 hours driving… and without any doubt a hell of a weekend that we’ll hardly forget for the best possible reasons.

Italy has always been great for Holocausto Canibal.

This weekend we returned to this great country for the 4th time, to present Gorefilia in Rome and Squinzano (Lecce).

On Friday we played the Spazio 53 in Rome and our first time in the heart of the empire couldn’t have been better.

Great people, great food, loads of booze and a brutal environment made this show a very special one.

We would like to thank our good and long time friend Andrea (DESPISE THE SUN RECORDS / CORPSEFUCKING ART) for making this show happen in the very best way and, of course, to Massimo and all the Spazio 53 crew for treating us like babies and putting everything they got in every possible aspect.

Also, we would like to thank our brothers in NEID for lending us all their backline and, of course, to the one and only Ivan from CANNIBE for sharing the stage with us. You played really good shows.

We hope we can do this again in a not so distant future.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone that showed up in Rome for partying with us!

Now, on Saturday we travelled to the BRUTAL SOUTH of Italy to play the 8th edition of the VULGAR FEST in Squinzano (Lecce).

Well, this was for sure one of the best shows we played in the Gorefilia touring cycle.

It’s amazing to see such dedication and love for the cause! The organization was simply remarkable. Not everyone has the balls to pull a festival like this and to work between tight flight schedules, last time details, medic emergencies, and still having time to make sure everything goes smoothly and comfortable for everyone, both bands and audience.

Great times in Squinzano, great times indeed!


Our ETERNAL GRATITUDE goes out to our good friend Marco Furia (you’re the man!) and his lovely family , Andrea Litti (thanks for the backline, the SGs rocked!), the Instambul Café crew (beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer) and the GREAT GIGI – the best driver on earth!

Also, we would like to thank our brother Paul Foster Dent (from BTK) for singing with us Zombie Apocalypse (Mortician) and our brothers in CREATED FROM PIGS MUTILATION (thanks for lending us the bass), SUDDEN DEATHSTIGE and BASEMENT TORTURE KILLINGS for sharing the stage with us! Hope to meet you all next time!

And for last, thanks to the great SOUTH ITALIAN AUDIENCE for showing up at the VULGAR FEST and supporting extreme music! Too bad we didn’t have more time to party with you.

Part of our hearts stayed in Squinzano and for that we hope to return sometime soon!

Cheers to you all!


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