LARVAS – Tracklist Revealed

Hello grinders!

Time has come to give you some news on our upcoming release “Larvas”, which will be released this semester through Bizarre Leprous Production.
As we told you a few weeks ago, this new opus includes four new songs, but will also include six live tracks recorded at the Obscene Extreme Festival last year, and three remixes of songs taken from their previous album “Gorefilia”, in a total of 12 songs that will obliterate you.

Commenting, drummer Diogo P. states: “As we said before, the whole purpose of this new release is to make the transition between “Gorefilia” and the new songs we’re working on for the next album. In addition to the four unreleased tracks featured in “Larvas”, we’ll also have six songs from our show at the one and only Obscene Extreme Festival 2013, which was undoubtedly one of the best shows on the whole Gorefilia touring cycle. Also, we contacted a few friends to remix some tracks of “Gorefilia”: psytrance master Mad Magus, minimalistic experimentalists Ermo and chaotic dnb deliverer Epitome Criminal. All of them resulted to be amazing collaborations!”

Guitarist António C. adds: “We really tried to find a way to make this release not only a transition mark but to turn it in some kind of memorabilia as well. The live part of the release is really energic and we think it shows you a glimpse of what our shows are (and also what the best crowd in the world sounds like), since this is the very first time we release live tracks. As for the remixes, all of us are fans of electronic music, and these songs turned out really great, so we can’t find a better way to close this chapter of our own history and open a new one!”

“Larvas” tracklist is as follows:

01. Corrosão Uretral
02. Proxenetismo Necrófilo
03. Nosolagnia Predatória
04. Imundo Bizarro
05. Trucidada Na Paragem [live] *
06. Empalada Via Espinal Dorsal – Empalamento II [live] *
07. Euthanastic Inclination (Blood cover) [live] *
08. Death By The Master Key (Dead Infection cover) [live] *
09. Fetofilia – Incestuosa Sodomia Fetal [live] *
10. Necro-Felação [live] *
11. Obsessiva Lactação Paranormal [Mad Magus remix]
12. Dilacerante Pungência Subvertida [Ermo remix]
13. Preeminência Carnaz [Epitome Criminal remix]

* Recorded at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2013 in Trutnov, Czech Republic.

In the next weeks we’ll reveal final details, teaser trailer and also a new song from “Larvas”, so stay tuned

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