The tribute to the german grind gods BLOOD, is finally out!!!

Over 65 minutes of music by 34 different bands, such as:
Holocausto Canibal, Lividity, Depression, Mastic Scum, Mixomatosis, Parricide, Anal Grind, Anatomy, Ancient Necropsy, Bomberos, Bowel Stew, Cannibe, Degerhate, Discharge by Death, Ebanath, Epicrise, Exegutor, Grind Division, Holy Cost, Magistral Flatulences, Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium, Nepente, Olocausto, Pene, Rancid Flesh, Seeking Obscure, Septory, Slaughterhouse, Snuff, Spermbloodshit, Stickoxydal, Tiran, Twisted Truth, Virulent Blessing among others!

This monster release is brought to you by:
Burning Dogma Rec. [us]
Alarma Rec. [mx]
American Line Prod. [mx]
Hipermenorrea Rec. [mx]
Rot Rot Prod. [mx]
Purulent Grinders Distro [mx]

Get your copy now!!!

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