Words cannot describe what we felt this last weekend Arnhem.
GRINDFEAST XL was amazing and our first show in the Netherlands couldn’t have been better!

It was great to meet old friends and make new ones and getting wasted with everyone around. Cheers to our brothers in Stoma, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (the Ruggero Deodato tribute van!), Mincing Fury and G.Q.O.Q.D., Hymen Holocaust and Keitzer! Hope to see all you guys very soon!

So we would like to thank Maurice, Marten, Jan and the rest of the organization for inviting and trusting us and our work.

Now we’re back home we’re back home focusing on new stuff to be announced soon and new shows for next year.

Cheers everyone!

Holocausto Canibal

Photo credits: Rutger (Stoma)

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