Although we can’t understand why, we are alive, well and back home from the “FIFTY SHADES OF GRIND” mini-tour across Portugal with our british brothers Basement Torture Killings.

Describing this tour as “four days of extreme madness” isn’t nearly close to what really happened this weekend.

We would like to thank all the organizers (SMED-Museu, Pedro Ferreira, João Narigueta & MonteCore Fest and Paulo Perdiz, Jerson & Sushie Oliveira) for all the trust and, obviously, all the bands for sharing the stage with us:  Stucker, Toxik Attack, Lodge, Madame Violence, Gatos Pingados, Taberna, Omega Sins, Diabolical Mental State, Gennoma, Serrabulho, Extreme Retaliation, Challenge, Irae, Push, Evil Impulse, Crossed Fire, Primal Attack, For The Glory and Switchtense.

Also, thanks to Basement Torture Killings for the great times always filled with memorable moments of unparalled lunacy!

Hope to meet you guys very soon.

 See you on the road!

Holocausto Canibal

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