Holocausto Canibal – New BEER Endorsement!

That’s right fellow grinders, we are into a new partnership, a really important and, we dare to say, vital one – artisan beer!
Holocausto Canibal has established a partnership with Post Scriptum Brewery, a portuguese artisan brewery created by Pedro Sousa, former associate of the brand Sovina. Post Scriptum Brewery came to life in 2013 after Pedro left the company which he helped to create. With all his expertise, supreme taste and dedication, he came up with a new brand where flavour and quality is more than a compromise, it’s a way of life!
Brewed from the highest quality malts and with the most advanced techniques in beer craftmanship, Pedro is developing new recipes with his signature brand “By Pedro Sousa” and producing for other well know giants in the food and restaurant industry. This means we’ll be carrying around some of his signature beers on the road and you’ll get to taste them very soon.
For this week, we present you the signature beer “Imperial Stout by Pedro Sousa”. Enjoy, we’re enjoying it for sure!

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