Holocausto Canibal – New BEER Endorsement!

That’s right fellow grinders, we are into a new partnership, a really important and, we dare to say, vital one – artisan beer!
Holocausto Canibal has established a partnership with Post Scriptum Brewery, a portuguese artisan brewery created by Pedro Sousa, former associate of the brand Sovina. Post Scriptum Brewery came to life in 2013 after Pedro left the company which he helped to create. With all his expertise, supreme taste and dedication, he came up with a new brand where flavour and quality is more than a compromise, it’s a way of life!
Brewed from the highest quality malts and with the most advanced techniques in beer craftmanship, Pedro is developing new recipes with his signature brand “By Pedro Sousa” and producing for other well know giants in the food and restaurant industry. This means we’ll be carrying around some of his signature beers on the road and you’ll get to taste them very soon.
For this week, we present you the signature beer “Imperial Stout by Pedro Sousa”. Enjoy, we’re enjoying it for sure!

Eduardo F. | Mr. Ron Fx endorsement

It’s with great honour and pride that we reveal another Holocausto Canibal endorsement – the Mr. Ron Fx endorsement.
Mr Ron Fx is a 100% portuguese brand, known for its custom flight cases, pedalboards and true bypass switchers].

[portuguese only]
Descrição: Flightcase construída em contraplacado antiderrapante de 9mm preto de padrão hexagonal, com ferragens da Penn Elcom, case tipo Double Door com 2 fechos de borboleta em cada tampa, 2 asas de mola embutidas 1 em cada lateral, 4 pés de borracha, e interior com espumas de alta densidade de 20mm de espessura para acomodar o amplificador.

Holocausto Canibal’s Paiste endorsement

It’s with great honour and pride that we reveal another endorsement – the Paiste endorsement.
Diogo P. is one of the few portguese artists endorsed by this brand, a brand established in the worldwide market famous for their innovations regarding cymbals, alloys and many other ones in the cymbal and drums industry. Diogo is using a full set of the new improved and revamped Alpha series, a series that has been around since 1992 and it’s regarded with full respect.
Like any other Paiste cymbals, the Alpha line is known for its unbelievable sound and capability of suiting most of the music genres that are created today.
With the recent revamping, this cymbals came with new weights and sizes for the heavy music drummers, with and unbelievable volume, projection, durability and stunning brilliant looks.

Diogo states: “I’ve used Paiste cymbals since the first day I played drums.
Curiously, I started with the old Alphas and 802’s, upgraded to Signatures, went to use other brands, but was never quite satisfied. I’ve changed my set up dozens of times and all the remaining cymbals kept being Paiste‘s.
I’ve tried almost every brand of cymbals in the market and for sure no other brand can give the power and definition that Paiste does. The stroke feeling, the tone, durability and all the other factors that make Paiste one of the industry leaders just can’t be found in any other brand, period! In studio they proved themselves more than suitable, in the pratice room they don’t sink in the wall of guitars and drums and live, well, if you’ve seen HC live in the past year, you’ll surely recognize that no matter how crappy the drum sound was, the cymbals always sounded loud, projected and balanced. Just don’t get fooled by the price tag or what others say, these cymbals are the thing for modern music and I can only think of replacing them with other Paiste cymbals!”

The set is comprised of :
6’’ Custom Bell
10’’ Metal Splash
14’’ Sound-Edge Hi-hats
16’’ China
17’’ Thin Crash
18’’ Rock Crash
18’’ Thin Swiss Crash
18’’ China
19’’ Metal Crash
22’’ Metal Ride

How they look (killer btw!) on the drumset:


Z. Pedro | Warwick endorsement

Holocausto Canibal is deeply proud to be one of the first Warwick official endorsed artists in Portugal!
Z. Pedro exclusively uses and endorses Warwick basses.
Current model: Corvette $$ DB5

The use has proven that this bass is built to grind and blow your ears.

Z.Pedro says: “This and all Warwick basses are beautifully made and produced. This bass is no exception to the rule!
The Double Buck is made exquisitely. One look at it and there is no doubt that the finest craftspersons have put forth their best effort to design a beautiful product that one will delight in owning and cherish for as long as they own it.
The tuners on this bass are solid as a rock. They are custom made by Warwick.
The sonic possibilities that this bass bring are varied and completely unique. While other basses have similar double humbucker designs none of them seem to be as thick or as full as this bass.
The double humbucking MEC Pickups put this instrument in a class of it’s own.
In addition to the massive pickups and beautiful workmanship, this bass also sports it’s own universe of tonal controls and variances.
To add to the sonic flexibility given by the 3 band equalizer, this bass also offers dual coil taps, one for each pickup. These open up a whole other range of sonic possibilities!
Having a Warwick is a culmination of a long-awaited dream. Finally, it’s MINE!

Z.Pedro says: “Paired up with my Mesa Boogie Big Block + Powerhouse, Warwick Corvette $$ DB5, the  not only sound amazing, they also look GOREgeous!”

Photos by: Luís Rodrigues

Objetofilia Platonica Drum Cam

This is the drum video of one of our new songs “Objetofilia Platónica” to be released on our new album “GOREFILIA” during next April 2012 by Xtreem Music, Raging Planet and Raising Legends records.

In this video we are testing the new prototype snare drum by portuguese company MISSOM whom already provided for our drummer’s signature sticks Blastophilia.

This is a Pau Santo stave shell with measures 14×6 inches and it’s still a work in progress. It was a priviliege to be one of the first testing this new beasts of snare drums! There is no treatment in the sound so it’s all raw so you can hear the full power and projection of this new snare drum.

Diogo P. is also endorsed by Paiste Cymbals, Evans Drumheads and Puresound Percussion.

Diogo P. | Missom endorsement

New Holocausto Canibal endorsement: Missom

Missom BLASTOPHILIA Signature Drumsticks by D.P.

Diogo and Missom, a Portuguese brand of drumsticks have developed a model mainly destined to the extreme drummer, the BLASTOPHILIA model. This collaboration between drummer and artisan began last December and during this time by experimenting and focusing on the purpose to help the extreme drummer, the BLASTOPHILIA’s were born. These sticks are made of hickory and they stand out for their excellent performance in speed, rebound and volume.

Inspired in the design of the standard 5A’s and some signature models from Missom itself, the drumstick is longer than usual, has a sharper tip for accurate beating during fast tempo sections, balance is weighted towards the tip for extra power and rebound, and are finished with bee wax. The logo is engraved by laser so it won’t fade with sweat or grinding.

This product will be available through our merchandise in concerts, through mail order and through Missom via their website on http://www.missom.com or through their official distribution. Contact us or them if you need more info on how to purchase a pair of BLASTOPHILIA’s.

Photo by: Luís Rodrigues


Z. Pedro | Mesa Boogie endorsement

Holocausto Canibal is deeply proud to be one of the first Mesa Boogie official endorsed artists in Portugal!
Z. Pedro exclusively uses and endorses Mesa Boogie amplifiers and cabinetry.
Current models:
Amplifier: Big Block
Cabinetry: Powerhouse

The weapons of choice are the bulldozer known as Big Block powered by a 6×10” Power House cabinet.
The use has proven that this stuff is built to grind and blow your ears.
Z.Pedro says: “Imagine the most thunderous power combined with sheer definition, bright and volume, blowing though a room like a giant roar that blows away anything and anyone in its path! This amp is so loud and projected that I can’t imagine ever needing the power to its maximum! Adding to the already stated state of the art
sound is one of the best overdrive effects ever. After trying for years a myriad of pedals and effects, the Big Block once again showed its versatility providing the best distortion for bass ever.”

Since the amp doesn’t sound by itself, the Power House assures that all the monstrosity is taken care in a proper way. Not only it withstands the full 750 watts, its flawless and solid construction provides the support for stability, ease of use and transportation with the security that you can beat it ’till you faint, kick it, spit at it and still asks for more!
Of course that the looks of the whole stack are also staggering, the attention to the details is unbelievable and the sobriety is remarkable!
Z.Pedro says: “Paired up with my Warwick Corvette $$ DB5, the Big Block + Powerhouse not only sound amazing, they also look GOREgeous!”

Photos by: Luís Rodrigues