Holocausto Canibal 2015

Another year has passed as Holocausto Canibal aims to adulthood. Yes, next year we celebrate 18 years of non-stop grindage, a landmark that makes us pride and confident for our nearest future.
Before professing our plans for 2015 it is necessary that we take some time to review this rotten year and deliver a few words about it.

2014 was a great year for us. We feel blessed by the most unholy of spirits for they continue to give us strength and determination to fulfill our quests and to quench our thirst for gore.
After being given the opportunity to consecrate our mark on the amazing “Box Sized DIE” performance (by João Onofre for the Serralves Foundation), we gave birth to our most recent monster, “Larvas” (courtesy of the one and only Bizarre Leprous Production), and played the United Kingdom for the very first time alongside our brothers from Basement Torture Killings and Desecration (On Her Majesty’s Grinding Service – UK Tour). Good venues, great shows and amazing people we met in this remarkable experience that we surely intend to repeat in the future.
Also, we made the oldest dream in the Holocausto Canibal camp come to life: to tour South America. As some of you recall, we made a 15-show campaign (Sangue, Suor e Grind – Brazil Tour 2014) across our brother land Brazil last August and part of our hearts remain there forever.
This was in fact a year full of firsts, since we also made our way to the Netherlands for the first time, headlining the amazing Grindfeast XL and playing alongside some great acts and good friends. We really had a great time there and fortunately we’ll return next April to grind the biggest indoor extreme gathering in Europe: Neurotic Death Fest!

Regarding the future, in these last few months we have been busy recording and planning our next releases. Next year makes 15 years since we released our first album, “Gonorreia Visceral”, and we intend to celebrate this occasion in a very, very special way (more news about this soon!).

As always, we’ll hit the road! We have also been busy booking new shows and for 2015 it is confirmed our return to Austria (7 long years after!), co-headlining the infamous Xmas riot Rape The Escape Festival, and to the Netherlands, as we said before (Neurotic Death Fest 2015).
However, we expect to materialize other returns around Europe and a new tour to be announced in proper time!

So, we would like to thank the ones who made everything possible.

To all the bands we played and toured: A Red Nightmare, Acrania, Aklash, Amatribo, Amulet, An X Tasy, Anaal Nathrakh, Anarkhon, Arandu Arakuaa, Asfixiofilia, Backflip, Banni Conflict, Basement Torture Killings (x3), Birdflesh, Black Skies Burn, Blood I Bleed, Bloody Roots, Bludgeon, Brutal Brain Damage, Clube Dos Canalhas, Coldblood (x2), Conquest of Steel, Contra Corrrente, Crepitation, Crise Total, Crucifixion, Crunch Delights, Cruz de Ferro, Cythraul, Damnation City, Deadly Force, Death Tripper, Desecration (x2), Destroyers of All, Devastação Sob Terror, Deviated Instinct, Device, Dirt 2 Death, Discordia Profana, Display of Power, Divine Death, Don’t Disturb My Circles, Dymon’s, Earth Drive, Embalmed Alive, Employed To Serve, Enemies of Reality, Ephemeral Foetus, Esoteric Youth, Evisorax, Exhumed , Famine, Funerus (x2), Fúria Louca, Gazua, Gets Worse, Gout, Grave Miasma, Haar, Hammer, Hawk Eyes, Hellbangers, Horns Of Venus, Hymen Holocaust, Imminent Attack, Industrial Holocaust, Infamy, Infestatio, Ingested, Iniquitous Savagery, Jackdevil, Jesus Crost, Kaasschaaf, Keitzer, Khuda, Le Mars (x3), Lock Up, Lymphatic Phlegm, M.O.F.O., Malignancy, Manduca Na Roça, Mass Disorder, Massacre, Mata-Ratos, Mathilde, Metalizer, Mincing Fury And Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay, Monolithian, Mortos, MxDxKx, Nagasaki Birth Defect, Napalm Death, Necro Deathmort, Necrothrasher, Nervo Chaos (x3), Noise Complaint, Obitto, Offal, Onslaught, Orgia Nuclear, Os Capial, Overcome, Palm Reader, Party-Cannon, Pentagram Chile, Pist, Primal Attack, Punk SInatra, Push, Regurgitate Life, Retaliatory, Rot In Hell, Sádico Infesto, Scream Of Death, Shadowsphere, Shredded to Pieces, Since Today, Squash Bowels, Stoma, The Day Man Lost, Thunder Spell, Toxic Holocaust, Toxic Room, Traveller, Tremor, Tumbero, Twelve to Go, Ultimhate, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, Undersmile, Unfathomable Ruination, Visceral Slaughter, Vomepotro, Wizard’s Beard, Wodensthrone, Young Redemption…

Thank you for your shows and friendship! Hope to see you very soon!
To all the promoters: thanks for your kindness, professionalism and confidence in our work.

Cheers to Roman and the Bizarre Leprous family for their awesome work on “Larvas” and for believing in us.

And finally, thank YOU for sticking with us year after year and for your unconditional support.

See you on the road!

Holocausto Canibal

BRASIL, Obrigado!!!

HC BR 2014[portuguese only]

Sendo o perímetro terrestre de 40.075 kms e sabendo que somente na “Sangue, Suor e Grind – Brasil Tour 2014” percorremos muito mais de metade dessa distância [26.000 kms], facilmente se adivinham a quantidade de experiências inesquecíveis, vividas durante estes 21 dias.
Assim após mais de 35 Horas em vôos, escalas em 15 aeroportos, 50 horas em transporte terrestre, a tour está concluída e estamos de regresso a Portugal, mas felizmente trazemos nos nossos corações muito do Brasil!
Agradecimento a todas as bandas com as quais partilhamos o palco ou que tivemos o prazer de conhecer e nos ajudaram durante esta tour: A Red Nightmare, Amatribo, Anarkhon, Arandu Arakuaa, Asfixiofilia, Banni Conflict, Bloody Roots, Clube Dos Canalhas, Coldblood (x2), Crucifixion Br, Crunch Delights, Damnation City, Devastação Sob Terror, Device, Discordia Profana, Divine Death, Dymon’s, Embalmed Alive, Enemies of Reality, Funerus (x2), Fúria Louca, Hammer, Hellbangers, Horns Of Venus, Imminent Attack, Industrial Holocaust, Infamy, Infestatio, Jackdevil, Le Mars (x3), Lymphatic Phlegm, M.O.F.O., Manduca Na Roça, Mathilde, Metalizer, Mortos, MxDxKx, Necrothrasher, Nervo Chaos (x3), Obitto, Offal, Orgia Nuclear, Os Capial, Retaliatory, Sádico Infesto, Scream Of Death, Thunder Spell, Traveller, Tremor, Tumbero, Visceral Slaughter, Vomepotro.
Obrigado muito especial ao Ícaro e ao Bruno pela forma como nos receberam e materializaram toda esta tour e a todas as pessoas que conhecemos e que temos a sorte de ter agora como amigos.
Muito obrigado BRASIL! E quem sabe… até breve!

HC confirmed to NOITE INSANA FEST I [Brasil]



HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL is very honoured to headline the very first edition of NOITE INSANA FEST, to take place in Villa Gourmet – Socorro – São Paulo – Brasil.
(NOTE: in the same day (at a later time) HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL will also play at ROTTEN FOETUS FEST II – Várzea Paulista – S.Paulo)

Local: Villa Gourmett
Rua José Bonifácio, 199 – Centro [ao lado do Clube XV]

A banda Holocausto Canibal de death/grind diretamente de Portugal para a cidade de Socorro/SP no dia 30/08 às 16h.

LE MARS (São Paulo/SP)
METALIZER (Nova Odessa/SP)

Antecipados: R$15
A partir do dia 20/08 e na hora do evento: R$25

Quem for na van para o RDP em Bragança Pta, com mais R$10 leva o ingresso para o show.

No dia do show estaremos sorteando alguns brindes – metalísticos – pra galera.


Check “Sangue, Suor e Grind – Brasil Tour 2014” full tour plan here
More shows to be announced very soon!

Stay tuned!