NO SLEEP ‘TIL TRUTNOV – Live at Obscene Extreme


Celebrating 18 years of non-stop grindage, Holocausto Canibal brings you the ultimate live experience.
Recorded at the one and only Obscene Extreme Festival [Czech Republic] it presents half an hour of pure and raw death / grind, devoid of overdubs or any other studio shit.
A Larvae Prod. release in red tape format, exclusively sold during the “GRIND DECLARATION OF GORE” UK Tour, and strictly limited to 50 handnumbered copies.

Trutnov Massacre | Obscene Extreme 2013

Here’s a small taste of one of the best shows we played last year. The one and only OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL. It was amazing to step into the mighty stage of GRIND once again.

The songs are “Mutilada em 10 Seg.”, “Objectofilia Platónica”, “Compulsão Mucofágica” and “Necro-Felação”.

And it’s always nice to see our brother João Gordo (RATOS DE PORÃO) rocking on the moshpit at 04m47s. Grande abraço João!

And don’t forget to join the grinding madness! Obscene Extreme Festival 2014 is already building up, this year with our friends from BESTA and WE ARE THE DAMNED representing the portuguese flag!
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