Why the name Holocausto Canibal?
Our name is inspired in the Italian cult movie Holocausto Canibal
Maybe it was our way of paying homage to this cult movie, directed by Ruggero Deodato.
Cannibal Holocaust have a very special natural feeling that make the terror aesthetics contained in it to be in pure and most horrific form, where we don’t know exactly if the reality really ends and the fiction really begins.

How many different line-ups did you have?
In 14 years of existence it’s almost obvious that some changes have happened!
Our ex-members [considering recordings / playing live] are:
– Vocals: Carlos / Ricardo S.
– Guitars: Nuno P. / Nuno T.
– Drums: J. Lamela / Ivan S.

When and where was the very first live show by the band?
March 22th 1998 at Discoteca Cairo, C.C. Cedofeita, Porto, Portugal. Other bands playing were: Withering [now Pitch Black] and In Solitude]. See the poster 

When is Holocausto Canibal coming to my hometown / country?
When a promoter / organization offers us an interesting and reliable proposal.

Are Holocausto Canibal satanists, christians or stand for any religious beliefs?

Holocausto Canibal intends to transmit any political ideals?
Holocausto Canibal as a band does not stand for any political beliefs or supports any party. However its members, like any other citizen, have the right to bare their own political ideals.

Who created the Holocausto Canibal logo?
Christophe Szpajdel.

Which songs, from other bands, did you already covered?
Band / Song:
Mata-Ratos – C.C.M.
Carcass – Reek of Putrefaction
Gut – Cripple Bitch
Blood – Euthanastic Inclination
Malignant Tumour – Here We Are
Cock and Ball Torture – Spunky Monkey
Dead Infection – Death to the Master Key 

Where can I get a copy of “oPus I”?
You can’t! However a possible re-recording is in the works.

During your existence, did the band already disbanded / stopped / reunited?
Never disbanded. Never stopped. Never will.

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