Anti-Social Networks
Facebook | Yeaaaah | Reverb Nation | Last FM | Twitter | iLike

Labels / Distros
Metal Age | Cudgel Agency | Escaravelho | Deus Mortuus
Despise The Sun Mierdas | Alarma Rec | Coroner Rec | Twilight

Endorsements / Supports
Warwick | Mesa Boogie | Spectraflex | Missom | Paiste | Evans
Kerastase |  Lula Gigante

Meat Suppliers
José Alves Lima, Lda | Canorte | Talho das Guardeiras

Related Sites
BlabbermouthThe Metal Archives | A Música Portuguesa a Gostar dela Própria
Spirit of Metal | Wiki Metal

SMN NewsMetal Underground

HC Members Related Bands
Grunt | Decrepidemic | Fetal Incest | …

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