Holocausto Canibal to be featured on Decreto 3.927

Decreto 3.927
Decreto 3.927 will be the first portuguese / brazilian Death Grind compilation to be released by Raging Planet and featuring some of the finest acts from both countries such as:
Holocausto Canibal, We are The Damned, Flesh Grinder, Grog, Grunt, Le Mars, Besta, Dementia 13, Brutal Brain Damage, The Black Coffins, O Cumplice, Goatmantra, , Mother Abyss, Infamous Glory, Bemonio, Escuro… among others.
We will participate with a brand new song called “Corrosão Uretral”, the opening theme from our upcoming opus “Larvas”, to be released via Bizarre Leprous Production.

Honestly, there is really no other way to celebrate a brotherhood established more than 500 years ago!

More details here


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