Diogo P. forced to sit out…


Diogo P. forced to sit out… Mário G. steps in!

Diogo P. statement:

Fellow grinders and grinderettes

Due to new challenges in both my work life and familiar life, I’ll be out of the stages for some time. This means that for some of the international gigs that we’ve scheduled, drummer duties will be handled by other.  For this next Winter Decimation – Eastern Tour 2015 you’ll be blasted by the amazing Mário G., whose drumming skills won’t leave any stone left unturned in eastern stages.

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL is first and foremost, a group of friends and we’re very proud of our latest achievements, some of them historic in the Portuguese underground. I’m proud to be a part of this great group of musicians and dearest friends, and no matter what you may think, it would be selfish to stop such a great grinding campaign just for one member.

This also applies to GRUNT. After the release of our latest album “Codex Bizarre” the band’s popularity boosted a lot and we’re getting an insane amount of enquires to play shows and other band related activities, it would be a shame to hold down The Boys with my limited availability.

This means that the machine must not stop and as a member, I feel that the show must go on, regardless of my personal situation. That is why in the next months there will be a replacement drummer for some gigs. I’ll still play in many gigs and will continue to take part in every activity, even if that means staying in the backoffice.

With this in mind, I kindly ask you to keep supporting the grind machine and especially the new guy on the drums Mário G. Show him why HC fans are the sickest and keep making our shows as awesome as they’ve been for the last years, wether on or off stage.

Remember, this is not a farewell, just a “see you later” and I’ll be back whenever and the soonest possible (not that you’ll miss me, but I’ll miss you for sure).

Grind on!
Diogo Pereira / Boy-D


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