Sabbatical Leave

At the end of 2005 Eduardo F. performed his first show with Holocausto Canibal [12 Years ago], although we were already friends some years before that.
Last week, Eduardo F. decided to take a Death Grind sabbatical leave for an indefinite period of time, but not after he shared a few words with all of you:
“Sometimes one’s life can take you down so many different paths that it becomes virtually impossible to follow each one with the same determination, strength and respect. As some of you may know, I started my career as a tattoo artist a while ago now and most recently I decided to open my own studio (ExInk) in order to follow this vocation that I so passionately cultivate in an everyday basis. It was only the natural step forward that I needed to take and I couldn’t be happier with such decision. However, during the last year I realized that I cannot grant my musical affairs the same focus and dedication, since this craft already became my full time job. That is why I took the decision of suspending my activity as live guitar player for Holocausto Canibal for undetermined time. It would be unfair to remain in that position while having my mind obviously centered in other projects. A band like this demands a great agenda availability not only due to constant touring but also other commitments and lately it has been hard for me to reconcile both band and job activities. It’s obvious that once you become a road animal you will always be a road animal and that’s why I will still be connected with the band composing new music and helping manage this entity that has been a part of my life for 13 years already. This is not a throwing of the Heavy Metal towel to the floor … but let’s just say that the towel will float until further action.”
Does this mean a stop? Not really. The last shows have already been performed as a quartet and we are now composing new material [something that has not happened for quite some time].
At the same time we will continue to accept booking proposals for 2018 anxious for the next bloodsheds with our new lineup [through info@holocaustocanibal or Facebook].

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