Holocausto Canibal confirmed for EXTREME FEST 2013 | Germany v3.0

Holocausto Canibal, Behemoth, Kataklysm, Tankard, Broken Hope, Enslaved, Grave, Legion of the Damned, Decapitated, Hate are among the first confirmed bands for the Extremefest 2013.


“Are you gore enough?“ That`s the question Portuguese death gore grind act HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL is asking you! The dirty-minded bunch nicked its band name from a legendary cannibal exploitation horror flick from 1980 – that should be enough to give you an idea what their lyrics are mostly about. Slaughterhouse soundtracks such as “Opus Genitalia” made sure to turn HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL into one of the biggest extreme metal acts of their native country. “Gorefilia”, their most recent album, was released in 2012, and those Portuguese dudes will certainly whip out a tune or two from it at their EXTREMEFEST show! – by Extremefest

…Many more bands will be announced soon! Stay tunned!

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