“Grind Declaration of Gore” UK Tour 2016, with Grunt​ + Basement Torture Killings​, all details here:

Grind Declaration of Gore - Final

► 24/3 England – Bristol – The Gryphon
with: Annunciation + Judas Cradle
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0324 - Bristol

► 25/3 England – London – The Black Heart – Snuff Fest III
with: Extreme Noise Terror + Desecration + Omnipotent Hysteria + Inebrious Incarnate + Anoxide + Body Harvest + Atonement
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0325 - London

► 26/3 Ireland – Dublin – Fibber Magees
with: Pedophile Priests + Pethrophia
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0326 - Dublin

► 27/3 Ireland – Limerick – Dolans – Siege Of Limerick XV
[without Grunt]
with: Esoteric + Cruachan + Abaddon Incarnate + Warpath + … 30 More!!!
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0327 - Limerick

► 28/3 Northern Ireland – Belfast – Voodoo
with: Wardomized
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0328 - Belfast

► 30/3 Wales – Cardiff – The Bunker
with: Sodomized Cadaver + Anal Floss Is Boss + Vile Inscription
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0330 - Cardiff


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So we’re back home but still recovering from all the damage done, we feel like we lost many years of life in this one. It was amazing to return to the East and meet old and new friends. Always good to return to Prague, the pearl of the East (…two years really seemed a long time), and Jihlava was probably one of the most extraordinary yet strange nights we had this year! Of course, Slovakia had to be in the tourlist, and it matched all expectations! Memory Error Fest was insane! And last, but not least, the one and only, Rape The Escape. It was an incredible experience to be a part of the greatest X-Mas Grind Gathering in Eastern Europe. We would like to thank Ronny Frohner for the invitation and, of course, Paraschiv Mihaela [CLITGORE] and the mighty Blut Eisen [BLOOD] for accepting the challenge of playing with us a few tunes. Hope we can repeat the experience in a not so distant future! Now we would like to express our deepest gratitude for the two maniacs that made this possible and helped form the team that ravaged and pillaged these four cities last week: Boy-G from Grunt, handling vocal duties, and Mário G., who without a blink accepted the challenge of learning a set of songs from a style he never heard before and is from now on connected to GRIND for life. Thank you both for the INSANE times spent on this tour! Thank you Prague, Jihlava, Kanianka and Vienna. Hope we can see you again very, very soon!

Now it’s time for NOT A CHRISTMAS FEST next Saturday 26th December at Metalpoint – Porto – Portugal [together with WEB, IN VEIN, DEBUNKER, DJ DEMENTIA]

Sincerely, The HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL team



GRIND ANOTHER DAY – Summer Tour [August 2015]
05 – Wednesday – SPAIN – Salamanca – Nave Bunker
06 – Thursday – LUXEMBOURG – Letzebuerg – Rock Box w/ DESDEMONIA + T.B.A.
08 – Saturday – GERMANY – Schlotheim – PARTY.SAN Open Air 20th Anniversary
We’re still looking for a show on SUNDAY 9th AUGUST around BELGIUM or FRANCE. Interested promoters, venues, bands… Email Us or Facebook Us



Back home from an absolutely amazing festival and it’s time to deliver some words of gratitude to everyone involved in the gigantic task of making it happen.

To be honest we have mixed feelings about this weekend. On the one hand we are deeply grateful for being a part of it but on the other hand we’re brutally saddened for knowing that this was the final edition.  It is really one of a kind and will be missed but we hope Ruud Lemmen and the rest of the organization continue this astonishing work in the nearest future!

It’s hard to find words to describe Neurotic Deathfest, its organization and to thank everyone we met this weekend but we’ll try:

  • To Ruud Lemmen, thank you for the invitation and the confidence in our work. It was a pleasure to work with you! Keep up with the good work and don’t stop doing this.
  • To the NDF and the 013 Poppodium staff (Production, Stage and Backline managers), thank you for the wonderful treatment. Everything was perfect!
  • To the Infodesk bosses Rianne and Annemarie, thank you for the incredible efficiency!
  • To the Neurotic DeathCHEF, thank you for the delicious dinner!
  • To the drivers, thank you for your patience!
  • To John Walker, Raquel Walker and Nicholas Barker (Liquid Graveyard), thank you for the great times and for the bong hits (eheh)!
  • To our greek friends in Dead Congregation, thanks for the great times and for the brutal show! Neither ashes remained.
  • To everyone that attended our show, thank you for the crazy reception. It was amazing to see such a crowded venue (absolutely packed) livin’ the show to the max.
  • To Hugo Cirrose, Bob, Silvia and all our Portuguese friends, thank you for the wonderful times. It’s always great to see you.

It’s sad to know that this was the last edition of the festival but we are truly honored to be a part of its history.

Holland never let us down, and we’re sure it never will.

See you next time!

Holocausto Canibal

Photo by: Paul Verhagen



Slovakian grinders! It has been a while [two years seems an eternity] but we are coming for you once again.

We have been confirmed to play the MEMORY ERROR Festival in Kanianka (Prievidza) next December 11th.

We will do a short run of shows throughout Europe on that very same week [which already includes Austria’s finest Xmas gathering RAPE THE ESCAPE Festival].

Interested promoters please get in touch! We’re available for possible additional shows around those dates: