After 18 months, more than 40 shows played, more than 30 cities destroyed, 7 different countries burnt to ashes and a whole bunch of obliterated venues, our job is done!

Yes, the Gorefilia touring cycle is finally over.

Last Saturday we played the last show of this promotion cycle that was also our last show in Portugal for a long time… and what an epic way to do it!

It has been a hell of a ride, with the natural ups and downs, but in the end we can really say it was probably the best promotion cycle we’ve ever done in 16 years of non-stop grinding.

We had the pleasure to play Gorefilia in the most wonderful cities for the most brutal audiences, working with some of the greatest promoters in Europe, but now the time has come for us to stop and focus on our future endeavors.

As such, we must share some words of appreciation and respect to all those who made this possible.

Our eternal gratitude goes out, in the first place, to all the beautiful people in Paços de Ferreira (PT), Porto (PT), Barroselas (PT), Lisbon (PT), Barreiro (PT), Figueira da Foz (PT), Almada (PT), Aveiro (PT), Loulé (PT), Moita (PT), Évora (PT), Viseu (PT), Caldas da Rainha (PT), Viana do Castelo (PT), Braga (PT), Guimarães (PT), Barcelos (PT), Benavente (PT), Beja (PT), Tui (SP), Vigo (SP), Santiago D.C. (SP), Coruña (SP), Salamanca (SP), Badajoz (SP), Sevilla (SP), Hünxe (GER), Trutnov (CZ), Banovce nad Bebravou (SK), Bratislava (SK), Brno (CZ), Prague (CZ), Ceske Budejovice (CZ), Slavonice (CZ), Lyss (CH), Rome (IT) and Squinzano (IT).

It’s because of you that we kept running and your support will NEVER be forgotten!

We would also like to thank all the promoters and staff that worked with us on this journey! Thanks to Obscene Extreme Festival (CZ), Extremefest (GER), Carnage Feast (CH), SWR Barroselas Metalfest (PT), Milhões de Festa & Lovers and Lollypops (PT), Despise the Sun Recs. (IT), Vulgar Fest (IT), Antistar Production (CZ), Antitrend (CZ), Filip and Neonarcis (CZ), Colhões de Ferro (PT), Moita Metalfest (PT), Rocha & Hardmetalfest (PT), Take Down Fest (PT), Eva, Patrícia y Fanzine Coruña (SP), Miguel y Purulent Necropsys (SP), Santa Maria Summer Fest (PT), Frenopatiko (SP).

Last but not least, it’s also important to share our love for all the bands with whom we shared stage on this tour: 10.000 Russos, 7 Seconds, A Dark Place, Aborted, Adamantine (x2), Adorno, Aernus, Agathocles, Agression, Ahumado Granujo, Albert Fish, Alchemist, Alcoholocaust (x2), Alto!, Amagortis, Ana Paris, Anaal Nathrakh, Ancient Horde, Angel Witch, Angriff, Antigama, Antropomorphia, Ape Unit, Aphyxion, Archgoat, Artillery, Aspen, Asphyx, Atentado (x2), Atlast, Atomik Destruktor, Attick Demons, Austra, Azagatel, Azoemia, Backflip, Basement Torture Killings, Behemoth, Benighted, Besta (x2), Beton (x2), Biarooz, Birdflesh, Black Bombaim, Blacklodge, Bloodsoaked, Bodyfarm, Broken Hope, Byt, Camera, Canchroid, Candlemass, Cannibe, Captain Cleanoff (x2), Carach Angren, Carnivore Diprosopus, Cätärro, Cave Have Rod (x2), Cerebral Bore, Challenge (x2), Chapel of Disease, Christ Denied, Claiana, Cliteater, Clitgore, Clytor, Cock and Ball Torture, Coelho Radioactivo, Coffins, Coldwar, Coldworker, Concealment, Controlled Existencem, Corpus Christii (x3), Created From Pigs Mutilation, Creation Undone (x3), Crepitation, Crise Total, Crud (x2), Cryptopsy, Cult of the Ancients, Cuzo, Daemogorgon, Dark Fortress, Dark Oath, Decapitated, Deep Throat, Defeated Sanity, Department of Correction, Depression, Descending, Desecration, Deserted Fear, Dethmor, Diaroe, Dirty Beaches, Distress, Dog Eat Dog, Doom, Dragged Into Sunlight, Dreamweapon, Drop D, Duas Semicolcheias Invertidas, Dying For Some Action, Dyscarnate, Eak, Ease of Disgust, Eccentric Pendulum, Echidna, Enslaved, Entrails, Entrails Massacre, Equations, Eskizofrénicos, Esoteric, Evoken, Exhumed (x4), Eyehategod, Face of a Virus, Fafner, Fat Freddy, Fear of Extinction, First Class Tragedy, Flagellum Dei, Flatenn, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Fleshless, Foetal Juice, Forenssick, Foscor, Frostmoon Eclipse, Fuck the Facts, Fuse, Gadget, Göatfukk, Godfarts, Gorod, Gospel of the Horns, Grankapo, Grave, Graveyard, Greedhale, Grind Inc., Grog (x4), Gruesome Stuff Relish (x2), Gutalax, Gwydion, Haemorrhage, Hail of Bullets (x2), Hang the Traitor, Hate, Haven Denied, Havok, Head:stoned, Hellcharge, Helrunar, HHY & the Spaced Out, Hibakusha, Hideous Divinity, High Purity, Hiroshima Nightmare, Ho-Chi-Minh, Homem Fino, Honkeyfinger, Hooded Menace, Horsebastard, Hour of Penance (x2), Hunted Scriptum (x2), Hypnos, Negator, Hypocrisy, I Machinery, Iberia, Igor, Immortal, In Chaos, Infanticide, Infected Flesh, Inquisitor, Irae (x4), Jacco Gardner, Jesus Ain’t in Poland, Jibóia Experience, Juba, Jucifer, Kadaverficker, Kamala, Kaosquad, Karnak Seti (x3), Karseron, Kataklysm, Katalepsy, Killing Frost, Kon, Krisiun, La La La Ressonance, Last One Standing, Leather Synn, Legacy of Brutality (x2), Legion of the Damned, Little Friend, Loosers, Lululemon, Lunae Lumen, M.I.L.F., M.O.T.H., Makabert Fynd, Malcriada (x2), Malignant Tumour (x3), Martelo Negro, Masque of Innocence, Mass Infection, Massgrav, Master, Mata-Ratos, Matter, Midnight Priest (x3), Migraña, Mikal Cronin, Milking the Goatmachine, Grave, Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay, Miraldo, Monkeypriest, Morkhimmel, Morte Incandescente (x2), Mother of the Hydra, Mr. Miyagi, Mucupurulent, Mumakil, Mykky Blanco, Mythological Cold Towers, Napalm Death (x2), Nashgul, Natron,Necrophobic, Negative Approach, Neid, Nihilistic Bastard, Nocte Obducta, Nuklear Goat, Nuklear Infektion, Oblivionized, Obscenity, Obscurity, Omission, Ondskapt, Onomasy, Orange Goblin, Orphalis, Orquestra Filarmónica de Barroselas, Otto Von Schirach, Pantheist, Parental Advisory, Pe7erpanic, Perfecitizen, Perro Peligro, Phase, Pitch Black, Poppy Seed Grinder, Process of Guilt(x4), Processing Cut Mode, Pull the Trigger, Purgatory, Purulent Necropsys (x2), Quelle Dead Gazelle, Ra, Rain of Pain, Ratbomb, Ratos de Porão, Raw Decimating Brutality, Reality Slap, Revengeance (x3), Revolution Within (x2), Riding Panico (x2), Rompeprop, Sabre, Sacred Sin, Satans Revenge on Mankind, Scarlet Anger, Scornage, Septic Flesh, Sete Star Sept (x2), Severance, Shadowsphere, Siesta, Silkshadow, Simbiose (x2), Six-Score, Skinning (x2), Skullhog, Smashing Dumplings, Sonne Adam, Sonneillon BM, Spineless Fuckers, Step Back!, Sterbhaus, Stercore (x2), Stige, Stôr, Strangled With Guts (x2), Strong Intention, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (x2), Sudden Death, Sudor, Suicidal Angels, Surya Exp Duo, Svart Crown, Svartjjern, Swinging Rabbits, Switchtense, Symbioid, Tales for the Unspoken, Tankard, Templários do Rock, Terader, Terror Empire, The Firstborn, The Idyll’s End, The Partisan Seed, The Shine, The Sorcerer, The Quartet of Woah, The Ytriple Corporation, Thee Orakle, Thyrfing, Torto, Traumático Desmame, Tsjuder, Ufommamut, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, Unfathomable Ruination, Unfleshed, Upcoming of Devastation (x2), Usurpress, Utopium (x2), Vader, Vai-te Foder, Velocidade Absurda, Venial Sin, Vera Cruz, Vibrion, Viscera Trail (x2), Vizir, Vomitory, Vomitous, VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC, Wake, Wako (x2), Wall of Death, Warblast, Warfuck, Warhammer, Warpath, Waste (x2), Web (x2), Weird Blend, Whiplash, Wormed (x2), Woslom, Wound, Yonatan, Yr?, Za!, Zombie Inc., Zombie Zombie…

Thanks for the great gigs and great times!

Thanks also to our session vocalist and long time friend Ricardo S. for accepting the challenge of spending 18 months on the road with us without even blinking after our last frontman’s abrupt departure. Without you we would hardly make it!

And finally, thanks to Dave Rotten (Xtreem Records) and André Matos and Daniel Makosh (Raising Legends/Raging Planet Records) for all the trust and support on the Gorefilia release.

Now we will return to our HQ and focus on the next releases that are already being planned. We are expecting to tell you something about it real soon.

This does not mean that we will cease our live activity. To tell you the truth it’s quite the opposite, as we are finishing details for some new shows and tours for 2014.

However, this was probably our last show in Portugal for a handful of reasons.

Z. Pedro says: “It’s really great to realize that we have accomplished all our objectives for this album, but now it’s time to move on and start working on new stuff. We’ve got some really great plans over the table for 2014, which we expect to be a great year for the cannibals. Expect new stuff real soon.”

Commenting, Diogo P. states: “After thousands of miles it’s time to put an end on this tour. I would personally like to thank all the people involved in all the shows we’ve played and all the fans and friends that we met on the road. Your support is our life!”

Eduardo F. comments: “MOSHFEST was truly an epic night! Our last show in our home country couldn’t have been better. Thanks to everyone that showed up and grinded with us Gorefilia for one last time. Now is the time for us to work on some new stuff and to return to make 2014 another crazy-ass year!”

Ricardo S. says: “It was with great pleasure that i accepted to join in with the guys after almost 10 years away from the band and the stages, for an epic adventure through all the european countries that this Gorefilia tour passed. Great shows in amazing cities, new friends, meeting again some old ones, is always nice. Let’s see what the future brings! For all the lucky ones that saw the last show of the tour, thanks for your support!”

António C. states: “18 crazy months after the release of Gorefilia our job is done! Thanks to all the people we met on tour and especially to the ones who supported us all the way. We’re really excited to go back to the rehearsal place and work some new stuff for you. Special thanks to  all the grinders that showed up in Benavente last Saturday for making the final show in our country unforgettable.”

Thank you all! Keep grinding!

Holocausto Canibal

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