Drink Your Guts Off!!!


Holocausto Canibal has the honour and privilege to announce a step further in their partnership with the finest and most talented craft beer makers Post Scriptum Brewery, LDA.

After some involuntarily leaked information that came up in the last months, we are finally ready to present you EXTREMA! As some of you may be already thinking “Oh no, not another band beer…”. Well, it’s not. This fine red headed Barley Wine beer is an extreme beer developed by Master brewer Pedro Sousa and curated by HC, for heavy drinkers, by heavy drinkers. Since the beginning of our partnership, we’ve been gathering some feedback from the ones who’ve tasted PS beers and we kept asking “What would an extreme beer be like, fit for extreme metal musicians?”. Apparently, Pedro already had the answer.

EXTREMA is a very successful and accomplished Barley Wine type of beer (you can Google it for more info) and features an impressive 16º of alcohol volume. It’s a fresh take on an expert level type of beer, that will surprise even the most seasoned beer lover, and will take its toll in the most seasoned drinkers. The hoppy flavour is topped by fruity notes and it leaves a fresh and somewhat bittersweet taste in your mouth.

The first batch will be available at Porto Beer Fest and HC will be pouring some pints together with the Post Scriptum team next Friday, 16th of June after 21H. For those who are willing to dare and taste this ungodly nectar, be sure to grab it fresh of the barrel and exclusively on tap. More news will unveil when the time’s right and you’ll be able to get yours’ on a bottle in a very near future.

Visit PS Brewery stall at Porto Beer Fest 17.

[Design / Artwork by the amazing Phobos Anomaly Design and Miguel Jorge]