NO SLEEP ‘TIL TRUTNOV – Live at Obscene Extreme


Celebrating 18 years of non-stop grindage, Holocausto Canibal brings you the ultimate live experience.
Recorded at the one and only Obscene Extreme Festival [Czech Republic] it presents half an hour of pure and raw death / grind, devoid of overdubs or any other studio shit.
A Larvae Prod. release in red tape format, exclusively sold during the “GRIND DECLARATION OF GORE” UK Tour, and strictly limited to 50 handnumbered copies.


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So we’re back home but still recovering from all the damage done, we feel like we lost many years of life in this one. It was amazing to return to the East and meet old and new friends. Always good to return to Prague, the pearl of the East (…two years really seemed a long time), and Jihlava was probably one of the most extraordinary yet strange nights we had this year! Of course, Slovakia had to be in the tourlist, and it matched all expectations! Memory Error Fest was insane! And last, but not least, the one and only, Rape The Escape. It was an incredible experience to be a part of the greatest X-Mas Grind Gathering in Eastern Europe. We would like to thank Ronny Frohner for the invitation and, of course, Paraschiv Mihaela [CLITGORE] and the mighty Blut Eisen [BLOOD] for accepting the challenge of playing with us a few tunes. Hope we can repeat the experience in a not so distant future! Now we would like to express our deepest gratitude for the two maniacs that made this possible and helped form the team that ravaged and pillaged these four cities last week: Boy-G from Grunt, handling vocal duties, and Mário G., who without a blink accepted the challenge of learning a set of songs from a style he never heard before and is from now on connected to GRIND for life. Thank you both for the INSANE times spent on this tour! Thank you Prague, Jihlava, Kanianka and Vienna. Hope we can see you again very, very soon!

Now it’s time for NOT A CHRISTMAS FEST next Saturday 26th December at Metalpoint – Porto – Portugal [together with WEB, IN VEIN, DEBUNKER, DJ DEMENTIA]

Sincerely, The HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL team

Diogo P. forced to sit out…


Diogo P. forced to sit out… Mário G. steps in!

Diogo P. statement:

Fellow grinders and grinderettes

Due to new challenges in both my work life and familiar life, I’ll be out of the stages for some time. This means that for some of the international gigs that we’ve scheduled, drummer duties will be handled by other.  For this next Winter Decimation – Eastern Tour 2015 you’ll be blasted by the amazing Mário G., whose drumming skills won’t leave any stone left unturned in eastern stages.

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL is first and foremost, a group of friends and we’re very proud of our latest achievements, some of them historic in the Portuguese underground. I’m proud to be a part of this great group of musicians and dearest friends, and no matter what you may think, it would be selfish to stop such a great grinding campaign just for one member.

This also applies to GRUNT. After the release of our latest album “Codex Bizarre” the band’s popularity boosted a lot and we’re getting an insane amount of enquires to play shows and other band related activities, it would be a shame to hold down The Boys with my limited availability.

This means that the machine must not stop and as a member, I feel that the show must go on, regardless of my personal situation. That is why in the next months there will be a replacement drummer for some gigs. I’ll still play in many gigs and will continue to take part in every activity, even if that means staying in the backoffice.

With this in mind, I kindly ask you to keep supporting the grind machine and especially the new guy on the drums Mário G. Show him why HC fans are the sickest and keep making our shows as awesome as they’ve been for the last years, wether on or off stage.

Remember, this is not a farewell, just a “see you later” and I’ll be back whenever and the soonest possible (not that you’ll miss me, but I’ll miss you for sure).

Grind on!
Diogo Pereira / Boy-D




It’s time the one of the last show announcements of the year.

In December we will embark in a new tour troughout the east, two years after the last time we played there.
We will play in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria, tour dates are as follows:

08.12 – Modra Vopice, Prague (Czech Rep.)
with: Twisted Truth + Histos + Aftercome

10.12 – Jihlava – Music Club Bezvedomi (Czech Rep.)
with: Agressive Tyrants + Lupara, The Widowmaker + Raving Ed

SHOW3 - 12193394_410816065781930_6305942908603958321_n
11.12 – Memory Error Fest 5, Kanianka (Slovakia)
with: Clitgore + Stercore + Anime Torment + Lupara, The Widowmaker

12.12 – Rape The Escape Fest 8, Vienna (Austria)
with: Blood + Jig-Ai + Profanity + Satan’s Revenge of Mankind + Disastrous Murmur + Parental Advisory + Braincasket + Nuclear Monstrosity + Clitgore + 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses + M.A.C. of Mad + Pray for Pain + Atonement + Snuff Princess + Noizebazooka



In the night of 28th to 29th November we will be at the Submarino Radio Show (exceptionally recorded at the NOISE MAGNET STUDIOS, Guimarães), hosted by Jorge Händel and Rui Melo, to play LIVE an whole set of new and old tunes for a future release and to talk a little about our past and upcoming activities.
The show starts at dawn (from 2am to 4am WET), tune in 98.8 (Rádio Santiago, Guimarães, Portugal) or check in to to hear it online.


Holocausto Canibal - United States of Gore

Shows – Full Details:

04 / 10 – New York Death Fest 2015
            – Saint Vitus, Brooklyn – New York – NY
with: Dead Infection, Morpheus Descends, Gutalax, Soils of Fate, Ringworm, Grunt, Blast Perversion, Dehumanized, Desecrate the Faith, Short Bus Pileup, Abhorrent Deformity, Immortal Suffering, Psychosomatic, Without Remorse, Bleach Eater, Outer Heaven, Fantasy Panther, Ground, Crackouse, Mutank, Animals Killing People, Tripple Cripple, Disgorgement, Tyranize…


07 / 10 – Meatlocker – Montclair – New Jersey – NJ
with: Grunt, Forced Asphyxiation + TBA


08 / 10 – Lucky 13 – Brooklyn – New York – NY
with: Grunt, Tripple Cripple, Torturous Inception, Chained to the Dead

08 OCTOBER Brooklyn

09 / 10 – Long Island – Amityville Music Hall – Amityville – NY
with: Grunt, Get Ignorant, Tripple Cripple, Inside the Cipher

09 OCTOBER Long Island

10 / 10 – Millcreek Tavern – Philadelphia – PA
with: Grunt, Polterchrist, One With Nothing, Antisrasis

10 OCTOBER Philadelphia

Depravity Over Portugal – DESECRATION + HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL ‘tour

Full Show Details:

16 October 2015 – Friday
Bands: Desecration + Holocausto Canibal + In Vein
Location / Venue: Paços de Ferreira – Carvalhosa – Canecas Bar


17 October 2015 – Saturday (afternoon)
MEET & GREET – “Intravisceral Necropsia” 7” Pic Vinyl Launch Party
Bands: Desecration + Holocausto Canibal
Location / Venue: Porto – Bunker Store between 15H and 18H
(Rua Passos Manuel, Nº219 – Loja12)

17 October 2015 – Saturday (night)
Bands: Desecration + Holocausto Canibal + Brutal Brain Damage + Analepsy + Rotten Rights
Location / Venue: Viseu – Quintela de Orgens – Fora de Rebanho – ASDREQ


18 October 2015 – Sunday
Bands: Desecration + Holocausto Canibal + Unfleshed + Cape Torment
Location / Venue: Porto – Centro Comercial Stop – R. Heroismo – Metal Point


7”Picture Vinyl – HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL / DESECRATION, out now!


DESECRATION and HOLOCAUSTO CANIBALTwo european heavyweights whose careers combined pass 40 years of Death Grind devotion, team up for the first time in a cult 7” Split Picture Vinyl, with brand new and absolutely exclusive material.
This special edition also includes inlays from both bands containing lyrics, photos, contacts and extended infos related to this unique release.
Hell Raising Neck Breaking Death Metal.
Strictly Limited Edition! No Repress After That!
First Come…First Sliced!

Order your copy through [abc order]:

CHAOSPHERE RECORDINGS [Portugal] Site | F-Book | E-Mail
EVERYDAYHATE [Poland] Site | F-Book | E-Mail
FAT ASS REC. [Poland] Site | F-Book | E-Mail
GRAVE WAX RECORDS [United Kingdom] F-Book | E-Mail
LARVAE [Portugal] Site | F-Book | E-Mail
REST OF NOISE PRODS. [Slovakia] F-Book | E-Mail
UTERUS PRODUCTIONS [Germany] Site | F-Book | E-Mail

…or directly through the bands:

DESECRATION Site | F-Book | E-Mail


PSOA THANKSIt’s not easy to do it this time. Our bones are still stretching and our heads are getting back on track but maybe it’s normal, after 5000+ km on the road one can’t expect nothing less.

As a band this was one of our greatest experiences ever for a handfull of reasons. Every show was a challenge and every show was a victory.

Having to ride such a long road with only two capable drivers it’s not easy, but fortunately we made it and now we have to send a few words of appreciation to everyone involved in this process.

First things first: Salamanca. It was absolutely great to return (finally!!!) to this amazing city after two years of absence. The show was amazing and the only thing we regret is having to leave right after it to get back on the road for 18 hours of non-stop driving. Thanks to everyone that came to show and especially to our good friend Jesus for making it happen! Special thanks also go to our friend Miguel Galindo for the great pics and the great time! …

And 1800 km after we arrived successfully to Luxembourg, a country we never played before. It’s strange but we really didn’t know what to expect at the time, but what we found was one of the most beautiful countries we set out feet on, an amazing bar with a beautiful crew and a huge audience! We really really had a great time and we must thank our friends Tom and David from Desdemonia and the Rock Box crew for making it happen. Thanks also to Cosmogon for sharing the stage with us. We WILL come back!

Next day we had to face another 400 km with non-stop traffic (almost 6 hours on the road to travel such a distance) to play one of Germany’s TOP and CULT festivals: Party.San Open Air. We have been fans of the festival for years and to been given the opportunity to play that stage was one of the biggest honors we have ever had in 18 years of grindage.

We have never experienced such a festival, with such a pleasant, professional and dedicated crew, with such die-hard fans (it’s not easy to be ready for battle at 12am, but you sure are in for it!) . It was amazing to be able to perform for so many people in such a historic festival, and to share the stage with such great bands, and to be able to experience such incredible performances. Thank you to Jarne and the Party.San crew, the UNSTOPPABLE stage crew, the DEAF FOREVER / LEGACY MAG. crew for delivering one of the most INSANE signing sessions in our lives (the tequilla was awesome, btw!) and, of course, to the BRUTAL GERMAN AUDIENCE for banging heads, opening pits, and screaming with us!

Germany, two years was really a long time… a heartfelt THANKS to you all! Now the time has come to start preparing our next shows and next releases, but first we will enjoy some of sleep and relax, after such a hard weekend.

Once again, THANK YOU ALL for so many great experiences lived this weekend. See you on the road. HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL