Box Sized Die by João Onofre featuring Holocausto Canibal

___BOX HC 2018

Box Sized DIE by João Onofre featuring Holocausto Canibal
Quarta – 6 Junho 2018 – 18H30
Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves

It’s with enormous pride and honour that we announce the invitation of Holocausto Canibal by Museu de Seralves to be by the second time, part of the performance “Box Sized Die” by the highly appraised artist João Onofre.

This performance will be part of the exhibition Zero em Comportamento / Zéro de Conduit, held by the Contemporary Art Museum of Serralves and it’s curated by João Ribas, Serralves Museum director, and Ricardo Nicolau, director assistant, with the curator Paula Fernandes

The performance will occur on 6th June 2018 by 6.30 pm and will take place at the main lobby of Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves – Oporto.

“Box Sized Die” is a 183cm black metal cube padded with acoustic foam. Referencing a minimalist sculpture by Tony Smith, Onofre invites Holocausto Canibal to perform inside it. The work has no fixed duration, instead the band performs until they feel that the oxygen is running out and ends their set due to fear of asphyxiation.
Holocausto Canibal joins the roster of bands which already made their part in this performance, bands such as Konkhra, Avulsed, Unfathomable Ruination, Gorod…etc.

This exhibition also features works by: A. R. Penck; Adrian Piper; Albuquerque Mendes; Alexandre Estrela; Ana Jotta; André Sousa; Antoni Muntadas; Antoni Tàpies; António Barros; António Sena; Artur Barrio; Blinky Palermo; Bruce Nauman; Chris Burden; Christer Stromholm; Christian Boltanski; Cildo Meireles; Dan Graham; Danh Võ; David Askevold; David Goldblatt; Dieter Roth; Eduardo Batarda; Eleanor Antin; Emily Jacir; Enzo Mari; Gerardo Burmester; Gilbert & George; Guerrilla Girls; Hannah Wilke; Ignasi Aballí; Isabel Carvalho; João Louro; João Onofre; João Pedro Vale; João Tabarra; John Baldessari; Jörg Immendorff; José Escada; Joseph Kosuth; Josh Smith;Juan Muñoz; Lynda Benglis; Manoel de Oliveira; Manuel Alvess; Marcel Broodthaers; Maria José Aguiar; Mario García Torres; Marlene Dumas; Martha Rosler; Matt Mullican; Mauro Cerqueira; Michelangelo Pistoletto; Patrícia Garrido; Paul McCarthy; Paula Rego; Paulo Mendes; Paulo Nozolino; Pedro Barateiro; Piero Manzoni; Pierre Huyghe; Raymond Hains;Richard Hamilton; Robert Filliou; Rui Chafes; Sigmar Polke; Stanley Brouwn; Thomas Hirschhorn; Thomas Schütte; Tino Sehgal; Urs Fischer; Valie Export; Wilhelm Sasnal; Xana

6th June 2018 – Wednesday – 18H30
João Onofre, Box Sized DIE featuring Holocausto Canibal, 2007-2018

BOX SIZED DIE – Making of

As we’re almost a month away of the grand closing of the BOX SIZED DIE feat. Holocausto Canibal performance here’s a video of more than 10 hours of preparations compressed in 2 minutes.

Box Sized Die featuring Holocausto Canibal [by João Onofre]

Don’t forget, your last chance to check this performance is next February 22nd – 17.00 p.m. at the Biblioteca Almeida Garret (Palácio de Cristal), in Porto, North Portugal [free entrance].